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Jan Kydd

I'm so sorry to hear that you lost a family member, my heart goes out to both of you. Over my life I've had very dear 4 legged friends, their really family just like children. As each has passed, having been with me for many years, I've had a very difficult time adjusting to their not being there. My mother passed out of my life this past December and I've had a difficult time adjusting, but no more than the passing of a beloved 4 legged family member that may have share my bed since they were just a few weeks old. I'm so sorry.


I was flipping through and found your page. So sorry about Samson. I had a Katie that looked just like him. I think she was about 14, not sure. She wanted to be outside all the time too but due to the heat in
Florida, we would only let be outside for a short time during the day.
At night though, she watched for the racoons that had already eaten all the fish in the pond. Anyway, one afternoon in May, I found her by the pool, just where she always wanted to be. I feel your pain but you should get another puppy. We got a rescue puppy from PetFinder.com that was found under a trailer in Savannah, GA. Her name is Izzadora, Izzy for short and you should see her swim. Good luck in finding a new pal.

olique  estefan

This is a very touching, If I only could have had an idea I wish I had readthe material on here sooner. Thanks sharing everything this is a very nice blog


This is very touching story ... me too lost my puppy...

blue ridge mountain homes

aw, i remember when my dachshund died in an illness, i always cry when i remember, so sad.


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