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Blue Ridge Cam

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    Blue Ridge Mtns-click for larger view


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Nic pic. I'll have to head to Transylvania County soon and you can take me for a tour of some of those waterfalls. The river pics on my site are actually in the Smokies, where I hope to be at least thru the Fall.


Come anytime you want Fletch! I'll take you to all the ones I know and we'll find the rest! LOL



I love this shot.
Of course it doesn't hurt that it's of my favorite river, too. My husband and I, unbekownst to each other until many years later, both spent countless childhood days picnicking by, wading in, and loving Davidson River. We even gave our daughter a "baptism" of sorts there, making sure that the first mountain river she dipped her toes into was that one. Oh, and we got engaged atop Looking Glass Rock.
Your photo looks like home to me.
Although we're moving just over the mountain on the smokies side, I still plan to revisit your area often once we get there.



Let me know when you get here and I'll meet you guys up in the park somewhere!! I'm glad I could give you a piece of home this weekend!



Congratulations! Your photos are gorgeous!

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